About us....

Lobith Audio is a German/Dutch audio company founded by Daniel Walz (Foleys Finest Audio) and Marcel Huibers (Sound Development)

As both audio engineers and musicians, they have created a range of unique tools that were missing for their performance and creativity. Having met and worked together for several years as audio software developers, they decided to join forces and share their unique tools, that reflect years of shared passion for sound and music. That shared passion is evident in their work, inviting users to explore new creative possibilities.

The name and logo originate from the river Rhine, connecting our bases in Germany and The Netherlands.
The river serves as a metaphor for the flow of creative ideas we want to enable.
The village of Lobith marks the border at the river crossing, hence the name Lobith Audio.

Marcel Huibers

With a successful career as a sound designer/mixer for cinema and with extensive experience as a music producer/engineer, Marcel possesses an intimate knowledge of the professional audio world.

Combined with a childhood passion for programming, this has led him to work as an audio developer with clients like AudioEase, Ocean and mugent, but also focus on creating tools to aid in his own productions.

Photo of Marcel Huibers.
Photo of Daniel Walz.

Daniel Walz

Having worked with prestigious names in the audio industry like SynchroArts, Krotos and LoopCloud, Daniel is well connected across the industry. His long term relationship with the software stack and audio frameworks like JUCE makes him a versed audio developer.

With his company Foleys Finest Audio he created open source frameworks and audio engines that are used by many audio developers across the globe.

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