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PlayerSpecz is our all new professional multichannel waveform audio player and visualiser!

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Main Features

Fast & Light-Weight

Starts up swiftly.
Small memory footprint.
ASIO™ support.

All Formats

Bit depth up to 64 bit float.
Unlimited channels, multi-channel surround.
Reads most common audio types.

Many Visualizers

Fully zoom-able waveform display.
Spectrogram and spectrum analyzer.
Loudness graphs and distribution.

Professional Playback

Multi-mono file support.
Output mixing (solo/mute).


Extensive metadata support,
with many formats supported.


Keyboard shortcuts.
Editable toolbar.
Totally resizeable.

Audio Waveform

Our waveform viewer is specifically designed to provide a comprehensive and detailed analysis of your audio files at the smallest level. With our intuitive and fully zoomable interface, users can easily explore and scrutinize every aspect of their audio files, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed.


We offer an audio spectrogram tool that provides a unique perspective on the frequency change over time. This tool is comparable to a piano roll for your audio and offers several scales and windowing methods to suit your needs.

Mixed Spectrogram & Waveform

Don’t want to choose between the waveform and spectrogram?
No problem.
The mixed view gives you the best of both worlds.

Spectrum Analyzer

Our spectrum analyzer offers real-time analysis with customizable settings for audio professionals to achieve precise adjustments and optimal audio output quality. With advanced features and high performance, it provides reliable and accurate data for audio analysis needs.


PlayerSpecz is capable of accurately measuring and displaying various loudness graphs, including integrated, short-term, and momentary levels. In addition, it can also generate range and distribution graphs. Ideal for your (EBU R128 complient) loudness workflow.

Loudness Distribution

There is also the rather unique option of seeing your loudness distribution.
Like a histogram for audio!
Graphical interface of PlayerSpecz, showing the loudness distribution off a multi-channel file.

Whatever is inside your audio files, PlayerSpecz will show it to you.

Metadata, channel descriptions and many different visualizations let you quickly find what you are looking for. Down to the individual chunks if need be.
Graphical interface of PlayerSpecz, showing the metadata display off a multi-channel file.

Tailored to Your Needs.

PlayerSpecz is designed to be fully customizable to optimize your workflow. You have an array of easily accessible editing tools at your disposal, including customizable hotkeys, a customizable toolbar, and the ability to resize the window however you want. You can tailor your experience to fit the specific demands of your work.

Feature Comparison

View the table below to compare features between Pro and Free versions before deciding which one best meets your needs. Evaluate the information carefully to ensure you utilize the product’s full potential.

Feature Free Pro
Fully adaptive/resizable
Fully zoomable waveform
Custom waveform color
Spectrogram display with different scaling and windowing
Mixed display with both spectrogram and waveform
Spectrum analyser
Loudness display (EBU R128 compliant)
Loudness distribution display (EBU R128 compliant)
Complete channel mixer and metering
Customizable meter and analyzer decay
Frequency and note readout in spectrogram and spectrum analyzer
Custom channel/track names (iXML)
Show cue's, markers and loops
Show extensive file information (metadata)
Show raw metadata (chunks)
Timecode and timestamp readout
Export metadata (XML)
Save analyzer image
Attempt to open corrupt audio files


Metadata can be encoded in your audio files in many different ways. These are the formats PlayerSpecz will read and display:

Supported Metadata Free Pro
Broadcast Wave (bext)
iXML (field recorder)
ID3 Tags
Extensible Metadata Platform (axml)
Instrument (inst)
Sampler (smpl)
Associated data (list)
Cue's (cue)
Radio Industry's Traffic Data (cart)
Displayable objects (disp)
Acid (acid)

File Formats

PlayerSpecz will open and play these file formats:

Type Windows OSX

PlayerSpecz Free

Download our PlayerSpecz for free!

You can also demo the additional features of PlayerSpecz Pro for 14 days. After that you can decide if you want to buy a Pro license or simply keep using the free PlayerSpecz.

A mockup box containing PlayerSpecz Free.
A mockup box containing PlayerSpecz Pro.

PlayerSpecz Pro

PlayerSpecz Pro is the premium version of PlayerSpecz that offers an enhanced functionality and a more comprehensive user experience.
So, don’t wait any longer, upgrade to PlayerSpecz Pro and start reaping the benefits today!

Introductionary offer

Get it for 30 % off

only until 31. August 2024


PlayerSpecz Manual

For more detailed information on  PlayerSpecz, please visit our online manual, or directly go to a chapter:

Technical Specifications

PlayerSpecz will run on most modern hardware:

  • We recommend 8+ GB RAM to run smoothly.
  • Internet connection for download and product activation.

Operating systems:

  • Mac: MacOS 10.16 → Sonoma.
    • Intel and ARM CPU’s supported natively.
  • PC: Windows 7 → 11
    • Intel Core i5 and AMD equivalent or better

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