A surprising amount of extra data is usually stored inside of your audio files.
Besides the usual statistics like sample-rate and bit depth, there can also be a wealth of additional information.
PlayerSpecz. shows you this information in the metadata panel.
There is also the possibility to export all metadata to an XML file in the PRO version.
On the bottom you can find an ever expanding table of the metadata supported by PlayerSpecz.

Metadata panel.

Presentation/raw mode.

Collapse/expand metadata.

Resize bar.

The main metadata panel, where all found metadata is displayed.

Press this to switch from presentation mode to view the raw metadata and back.

This collapses/expands the metadata tree. The plus and minus signs to the left of the metadata, do the same for a single category.

Drag this bar to change the size of the metadata panel.

Supported Metadata

Supported Metadata Free Pro
Broadcast Wave (bext)
iXML (field recorder)
ID3 Tags
Extensible Metadata Platform (axml)
Instrument (inst)
Sampler (smpl)
Associated data (list)
Cue's (cue)
Radio Industry's Traffic Data (cart)
Displayable objects (disp)
Acid (acid)

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