PlayerSpecz Manual

Welcome to the PlayerSpecz manual!
PlayerSpecz aims to quickly playback your audio and give you detailed insight with various visualizers.
We will attempt to guide you through the user interface, while discussing the techniques behind them.

The toolbar.

The main panel.

The metering and mixing panel.

The metadata panel.

The status bar.

Open audio file.

PlayerSpecz settings.

About PlayerSpecz.

The Toolbar. This is the main place to give PlayerSpecz commands.
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The main display where the visualizers live.
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The metering/mixing panel. Here you can view and set the levels.
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The metadata panel. Showing you all details and embedded data.
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The status bar. Showing you tooltips and extra info.
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Open an audio file. 
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PlayerSpecz settings.
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About PlayerSpecz and credits. Learn more…

The Status Bar

On the bottom of the screen you can find the status bar. Here you can find additional information and tooltips.

Main status bar.

Show timestamp.

Playback position.

Show timecode.

File duration.

Resize handle.

The main status bar area. This is where some general info is shown. When hovering over a control this will also show a tooltip. This can be disabled in the settings. When there is an error it will show a message in red. These will stay visible until the user clicks to discard them. Otherwise clicking here will open or close the metadata panel

Click to show the current time (next to it) based on the recorded timecode (if present) or simply starting from 00:00:00.

The time at the position of the playback cursor.

Click to toggle between showing time as timecode (based on the framerate) or normal time (with milliseconds).

The duration of the file.

Here you can resize the total window.

About PlayerSpecz

PlayerSpecz is made with a lot of dedication and love by Lobith Audio consisting of Marcel Huibers and Daniel Walz.

Some system information that might be useful when problems occur.

The license state and a button that will take you straight to the license panel.

Pressing this will take you the log folder. When problems arrive these might be useful for Lobith Audio support to track down the issue.

Go to the Lobith Audio homepage.

Close the about screen.

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