File Handling

PlayerSpecz aims to playback everything you can throw at it:
– any channel count (poly and multi-mono)
– any sample rate
– bit depths up to 64 bit floating point.

Files can be directly dropped on the main window or opened via the file panel discussed below. But considering PlayerSpecz is quick and light weight, associating the file types directly with PlayerSpecz will give an optimum workflow.

You have a (metadata) format you feel should be support or a file you cannot open, please reach out and we see if we can work our magic.
A list of the file formats supported by PlayerSpecz at the moment can be found here.

The File Panel

File information.

Main file panel.

Drives panel.

Quick links.


Search files.

Folder path.

Go up.

Cancel loading.

Open selected file.

This resizable panel shows you detailed file information of the currently selected file.

The main file panel showing the files and sub-folders in the current folder.

This resizable panel has quick links to your drives. Internal, external or network.

Here you find quick links, which you can quickly add by dropping folders from the finder/explorer here.

With these arrows you can go backward and forward through your latest selected folders.

Enter a text here to filter the currently displayed files.

The currently selected folder. You can also enter a path here to quickly navigate to that folder.

Go up in the folder tree to the parent folder.

Press Cancel to exit this panel and keep the currently loaded file.
Press Open File to open the currently selected file.

Supported Formats

PlayerSpecz will open and play these file formats:
Type Windows OSX

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