Controlling PlayerSpecz

PlayerSpecz can be controlled via various ways.
First of all there is the popup menu that appears after right-clicking. Most commands can be found in this menu.
Secondly, all commands can be executed by pressing a keyboard shortcut. These shortcuts can be configured by the user in the settings.
Finally you can access these commands in the fully customizable toolbar.

The Toolbar

The toolbar in PlayerSpecz is very flexible in its nature.
You can set the size in the settings. Change the orientation between vertical and horizontal.
You can fully customize which commands are present. Just right click the toolbar and select Edit Toolbar or click Ctrl-E. A screen will appear from which you can drag icons to your toolbar. Or you can drag item from your toolbar to remove them.
Below we will briefly describe the default layout of the toolbar.

Open the file panel to open a new audio file.

Toggle automatic playback upon open an audio file.

Stop audio playback.

Rewind audio.

Slow down (and pitch down) audio by 3 octaves in semi-tone increments.

Pause playback. Pressing this again will resume playback from the current position.

Speed up (and pitch up) audio by 3 octaves in semi-tone increments.

Fast forward audio.

Enable or disable looping.

Follow the audio playback with the current view or remain stationary.

Mute or un-mute audio playback.


Show the waveform view.

Show the spectrogram view.


Show the mixed waveform/spectrogram view.


Show the real-time spectrum analyzer.

Show the loudness graph.

Show loudness distribution.

Show the metadata panel.

Show the mixer/meter panel.

Show the settings panel.

Show the interactive tutorial. Explaining each control.

Show the about panel.

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