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Who we are

We are Lobith Audio, a few audio enthusiasts with a track history in the audio industry and post production. With our page here we want to present you handy tools to make your life easier, give fun for being creative and help creating unheard sounds.

Our page is

Data collection

We don’t track you. When you browse our pages, no data is stored other than the regular anonymus log a webserver will create in normal operation. We don’t evaluate these logs other than for disaster recovery.

User Login

In order to use our products, you need to register an account on our page. In this case a cookie is set on your computer that is used to see your login status.

In order to register on our page we need an email address that you control. You are not required to enter your real name, however, we will address you with whatever name you put in here.

You don’t need a login to use our demos. We will store an anonymous identifier to recognise your machine. We are however not able to identify you from that identifier. All those data will be purged after one year.


When you activate a machine, we will store a unique identifier of your machine and link it to your personal account. For your convenience we store and display the computer name and login name of your machine, in case you need to deactivate a machine to free activations.

Fastspring merchant of record

When you buy our products on our page, you buy from Fastspring USA. All financial transaction and data is processed by Fastspring, and you will receive an invoice from Fastspring. We won’t have access to any of that data, other than the email you used on purchase and the name you entered there for reference.

When you used the same email address like in your Lobith Audio account, the license is automatically deployed and activated into your account. Otherwise you will get an alphanumeric one-time transaction code displayed and as copy in an email, which you can use to redeem the license. Such a code will also be used when you need to pass on a license to somebody else.

How long we retain your data

We will keep your data on our servers as long as we need it to provide our service. When you close your account, we will x our all links to your person, which is your name, email and nickname you provided.

Where your data is sent

Your data is kept secure on servers in the european union hosted by We don’t give anyone access to our data.

This website uses cookies for your logged in status. We do not use trackers, nor 3rd party analytics. By continuing to use this site, you accept our use of cookies.